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This section describes how to automatically start the Altibase server process when booting the OS on the Linux server.


Altibase 4 or later



How to register

Sample of autostart script

The automatic startup script was written to run in the following situations.

  • One Altibase server running on one server
  • Installing Altibase server in OS user altibase and have startup/shutdown privileges
  • Running in bash shell
  • Using the chkconfig utility

This script is a sample file. Depending on the client's OS user's environment settings, it may operate differently than intended, so be sure to test it to check whether it is running properly.

Register the script in /etc/init.d

Upload the autostart script altibased file to the /etc/init.d directory.

Change the script 

Change the user variable at the top of the script to suit the client's environment.

Change the script execution permission

Execute chkconfig

Check the chkconfig registration


The log is set to remain in /var/log/${user}_altibased.log.


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