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Unable to execute query.

This error occurs when the execution of a certain query fails due to insufficient temporary memory.

# Example

# 5.5.1 or above

# 5.3.3


The following error description can be viewed with the AltiErr utility:

$ altierr 0x0109D
0x0109D ( 4253) idERR_ABORT_InsufficientMemory Insufficient memory

# *Cause: Insufficient memory

# *Action: Please make sure that the system has enough available memory.

The temporary area is used when executing a query including a GROUP BY or ORDER BY clause for memory. However, this temporary area also uses memory.

This error occurs due to EXECUTE_STMT_MEMORY_MAXIMUM while allocating memory to execute a query.


Altibase uses memory space for temporary memory tables, instead of disk space.

Consequently, the necessary memory space must be secured at query execution with the following property:

The unit is bytes and an error occurs if more memory than the value specified for this property is used during the execution stage of query execution.

This property is set as the maximum value to prevent unnecessary memory increase.

<How to Fix the Error>

1. Check the increase in Query_Execute.

2. Check the current value of EXECUTE_STMT_MEMORY_MAXIMUM

3. Using the ALTER statement, set a value (in bytes) larger than ALLOC_SIZE for EXECUTE_STMT_MEMORY_MAXIMUM.

    Set an appropriate value by estimating how much the execution space will extend for the query.

4. To apply the change permanently, the value has to be changed in the file as well($ALTIBASE_HOME/conf/


The EXECUTE_STMT_MEMORY_MAXIMUM property specifies the maximum memory that a single statement can use for execution, not the pre-allocation memory that a single statement can use.

Memory usage can increase as much as specified by the property. Therefore, the user is recommended to set an appropriate value.

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