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The following error message is output when ALTER TABLESPACE ... DROP DATAFILE is executed:


The following error description can be viewed with the AltiErr utility: 

$ altierr 0x0109D
0x11036 ( 69686) smERR_ABORT_CannotRemoveDataFileNode The data file is in use.

# *Cause: The data file is in use.

# *Action: Please remove an unnecessary data file.

Even if the user executed an INSERT statement and followed it with a DELETE statement so that all the datafiles can only have free pages, a previously used datafile cannot be dropped.

This error occurs when an attempt is made to drop a datafile that has previously been used.

Only datafiles that have never been used can be dropped.


It is impossible to drop a datafile that was used even once.

To drop a datafile, the tablespace must be recreated as below:

1. Export the data and object scripts that are created in the tablespace.

2. Drop and create the tablespace.

3. Import the data and create the object.



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