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Unable to execute an INSERT or UPDATE statement.

This error message is output when an INSERT or UPDATE statement is executed:


The following error description can be viewed with the AltiErr utility: 

$ altierr 0x21010

0x21010 ( 135184) mtERR_ABORT_VALUE_OVERFLOW Value overflow

# *Cause: Value overflow

# *Action: Please change the value or data type.

This error occurs when the input value is not within the supported data type range.

# Example

The INTEGER data type stores integers in the range of  -2,147,483,647~ 2,147,483,647.

This error occurred because the value to be stored in the column is outside this range.


Check whether the value to be stored in the column exceeds the maximum allowed for the column's data type.

If so, change the input value or convert the column's data type. 


For further information about the range of values for the data types supported by Altibase, refer to the General Reference Manual.  

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