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This document describes how to recover by changing the directory path of major database files such as each data file inevitably after Cold Backup.



ALTIBASE HDB version 4 or later


How to change directory path

When restoring using Cold Backup database files, if there is no change in the directory path, copy (cp) mydb* (memory db), *.dbf (disk db), logs, and loganchor to the corresponding directory, and then when starting B, DB can be restored to the point of backup.

However, if the directory must be renamed inevitably, it is resolved by changing the directory path of each database file (memoryDB, logs, loganchor) and copying the file to the changed directory, but the disk DB must perform the renaming of the data file at the control stage.

Directory path change procedure

1. Create the desired directory and copy the Cold Backup files.

Copy Cold Backup (mydb*, *.dbf, logs, loganchor) to the desired directory using the OS copy command.

2. Modify $ALTIBASE_HOME/conf/

3. Startup at the Control stage.

4. Rename datafile in ISQL. (Change directory path)

5. Startup in ISQL.



More detailed information can be found in the Table of Contents of the General Reference Manual.


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