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This chapter describes the basics for monitoring Altibase server.

Monitoring Classification

Altibase is a DBMS. DBMS monitoring can be classified into three categories as follows.

This document guides users through the monitoring queries needed for 'internal monitoring'.

  • Internal Monitoring: This refers to monitoring within the DBMS through queries according to the data dictionary.

  • External Monitoring: This refers to monitoring from outside the DBMS through OS commands.

  • Trace Log Monitoring: This refers to monitoring for various trace logs recorded by DBMS

Data Dictionary

The Altibase data dictionary consists of two types that summarize and store all information about the database so that DBMS can be used efficiently.

  • Meta Table

    This table is created automatically at database creation time to manage database objects. This table is owned by the system administrator 'SYSTEM_', and only a general user can select it.

  • Performance View

    At the time of SELECT, the status information inside the Altibase server is provided in the form of a view, so that the latest information of Altibase server status can be obtained. This can only be SELECT, and the prefix of performance view is 'v$'.

Monitoring Method

Monitoring methods commonly used in the field are as follows.

  • Writing shell scripts

  • Writing applications

  • Utility Utilization

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