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The pre-check items for the version and environment configuration of Oracle that can be changed with ALTIBASE HDB are as follows.

Supported Versions

Oracle 9i - 11g

Pre-check Items

Environmental analysis


  • Oracle version
  • OS and HW Spec of the Oracle DBMS installed system (Cpu, Memory, Disk, etc.)
  • ALTIBASE HDB product and version
  • OS and HW Spec of the system to be installed ALTIBASE HDB (Cpu, Memory, Disk, etc.)
  • Storage product, specification (Cpu, Memory Network) and configuration of DBMS server (RAID1/RAID5, etc.)
  • Network configuration and speed between DBMS server and storage


Oracle DBMS analysis


  • Number and size of tablespaces you have
  • Number and size of tables you have
  • Number and size of objects held
  • Physical Memory / Swap size in use
  • Ratio of Function/Procedure among all queries


Business analysis


  • Composition of the ratio of online work and batch work
  • Query complexity of batch work (Join, Group By, Order By, etc.)
  • Number of simultaneous executions among queries of batch business


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