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In the TOMCAT, the ALTIBASE JDBC driver must be placed in an appropriate location to integrate with ALTIBASE.

How to get the ALTIBASE JDBC drive file

The JDBC driver provided by ALTIBASE is Altibase.jar. This file is located in the $ALTIBASE_HOME/lib directory of the server where ALTIBASE is installed.

Starting from Altibase version 5 or later, Altibase.jar and Altibase5.jar files exist in the $ALTIBASE_HOME/lib directory. Altibase.jar is a JDBC driver file, and Altibase5.jar is used when integrating Altibase version 5 and lower. Therefore, in order to integrate with one ALTIBASE DB or multiple ALTIBASE DBs of the same version, $ALTIBASE_HOME/lib/Altibase.jar file can be used.

How to check the ALTIBASE JDBC driver version

To check the ALTIBASE JDBC driver version, execute the following command.

In order to check whether the ALTIBASE DB server and the ALTIBASE JDBC Driver that are to be integrated are compatible, checking the ALTIBASE DB server version is required. In this case, if the cm protocol version of the ALTIBASE DB server and the CMP of the ALTIBASE JDBC Driver is the same, they are compatible.

As the version is upgraded, there is a possibility that a bug related to JDBC has been fixed. Generally, it is recommended to match the ALTIBASE DB server version with the ALTIBASE JDBC driver version or use the latest ALTIBASE JDBC driver file.

Location of JDBC drive file in TOMCAT

In order to integrate ALTIBASE and TOMCAT, the ALTIBASE JDBC drive (Altibase.jar) should be located in an appropriate place so that it can be recognized automatically by TOMCAT.

1. Add Altibase.jar to CLASSPATH.

2. Altibase.jar is located in the $CATALINA_HOME/lib directory.


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