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To integrate ALTIBASE HDB with PHP in Unix or Windows environment. The ODBC manager must be installed first. This section describes how to install the OBDC manager and configure the environment for Unix, Linux, and Windows.

Unix and Linux

Install the ODBC manager in the Linux or Unix environment using the following procedure.

1. Download unixODBC.

This can be downloaded from the unixODBC website (

2. Install unixODBC.

The user needs to compile the downloaded unixODBC source file. To install the compiled library in a specific location, enter the path with the -prefix option when configuring.

3. Configure the unixODBC environment.

Set the value of the ODBCSYSINI environment variable to the home directory path of the ALTIBASE HDB installation account.

4. Add the path where the unixODBC Driver Manager is installed to the environment variable as follows. The environment variable for setting the library path may be one of LD_LIBRARY_PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64, and SHLIB_PATH depending on the platform and operating system bit.

The following is an example of installing unixODBC in /usr/local/odbcDriverManager32 or /usr/local/odbcDriverManager64.

5. Create the following 2 files in the path of the ODBCSYSINI environment variable.

6. odbcinst.ini is a 0-byte file with no actual contents.

7. In odbc.ini, set the DSN name, the location of the ALTIBASE HDB ODBC driver file, the server's IP address, and the connection port number as follows.


In the Windows environment, the ODBC manager is installed by default. When ALTIBASE HDB is installed, the ALTIBASE HDB ODBC driver is automatically registered in the ODBC manager.


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