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Altibase Docker can use images provided by Altibase or can be created and used by users.

Altibase Docker Image Download 

Docker images provided by Altibase can be downloaded from Docker Hub or by using the docker pull command.

The following is how to download the Altibase docker image with the docker pull command.

Creating Altibase Docker Image

Here's how the user can create an Altibase Docker Image.

1. Altibase installation

To create an Altibase Docker image, Altibase has to be installed first.

For a guide on installing Altibase, refer to the Altibase Installation Manual.

2. Docker file configuration

Docker files are a set of commands that contain how to add packages or data to an image.

The name of the Docker file is Dockerfile, and the path of Dockerfile must be designated at the time of build.

3. Writing the initialization script

The ENTRYPOINT defined in the docker file is a script or command to be executed when the container is started.

The scripts used in the docker files in this document are set_altibase.env for configuration and, which is an execution script.

  1. example of

  2. Example of set_altibase.env

4. Creating Docker image

Docker image is created by using the Docker build.

More information about OPTIONS can be found here.


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