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The query corresponding to each monitoring element to check the information related to the service thread is as follows.

Service Thread Status

  • Main Column Description

RUN_MODE / TYPEMode of operation of the service thread / SHARED, DEDICATED
STATEThe state of the service thread. In general, it is in the POLL or EXECUTE state. 
NONE: Service thread initialized 
POLL: Service thread is waiting for an event 
QUEUE-WAIT: Service thread is waiting for a task queue 
EXECUTE: Service thread is executing query

Check Service Thread Contention

  • Main Column Description

MISS_COUNTThe number of times a request was made to the service thread to process the statement, but failed due to busy.
TRY_COUNTThe number of times a service thread was requested to process a statement
PERmiss_count / try_count * 100
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