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For stable operation of Altibase in the Solaris OS, kernel parameter setting and user environment setting must be performed in advance. If the setting is not performed properly, it should be noted that the problem can be caused by each limit value even though the system has sufficient resources.

Setting Examples

Kernel Parameters

Refer to the table below and set the appropriate kernel parameters.

ClassificationKernel ParameterRecommended ValueRemark
Shared Memory shmmax2G+1-
Semaphore semmns8192-
semmsl2000Be carefult not to set as a large value
semvmx32767Generally does not exceed 32767.

For additional factors to be considered when loading a memory DB into shared memory, refer to the [Shared Memory] section.

User Resource Limitation

In the case of sh, bash, and ksh, examples of setting required environment variables using the environment setting file are as follows. In the case of csh, it is declared through a shell command such as setenv instead of export.

For reference, in the case of ksh, an error may occur when defining another environment variable using the environment variable with being predefined.

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