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The query corresponding to each monitoring element to check the redo log file information is as follows.

Redo Log File Information

  • Main Column Description

OLDEST_LOGFILEThe number of the oldest redo log file
CURRENT_LOGFILEThe number of online redo log files currently in use
LOGFILE_GAPThe number of redo log files between the current online redo log file and the oldest redo log file

Cumulative Number of Waits for Redo Log File Prepare

  • Main Column Description

LF_PREPARE_WAIT_COUNTWhen attempting to switch from the current redo log file to a new redo log file, it indicates the number of times the service thread has waited because the next redo log file has not been created yet. If this value is large, change the value of the PREPARE_LOG_FILE_COUNT property to a larger value and apply (restart) it to create a sufficient number of redo log files in advance. It is accumulated and summed from the time the Altibase server is started, and initialized when the Altibase server is shut down.



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