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The query corresponding to each monitoring element to check information related to utilization occupied by Altibase in the OS is as follows.

Altibase Memory Usage

The user can check the memory usage of each module that makes up the Altibase server.

  • Main Column Description

NAMEThe name of the modules that make up Altibase. The list of modules may differ depending on the version of Altibase. The brief description of the main modules is as follows:  

Storage_Disk_Ager: Memory used for Disk Garbage Collection 
• Storage_Disk_Buffer: Memory used for Disk Buffer management 
• Storage_Disk_Collection: Memory used for Direct Path Insert and LOB operation 
• Storage_Disk_Datafile: Memory used for Disk File management 
• Storage_Disk_Index: Memory used for Disk Index management 
• Storage_Disk_Page: Memory used to manage Disk Page 
• Storage_Disk_Recovery: Memory used for disk recovery 
• Storage_Memory_Ager: Memory used for Memory Garbage Collection 
• Storage_Memory_Collection: Memory used for Memory Record management 
• Storage_Memory_Interface: Memory used for interface management such as cursor 
• Storage_Memory_Locking: Memory used for locking management 
• Storage_Memory_Manager: Memory used to store Memory Data 
• Storage_Memory_Index: Memory used for index management 
• Storage_Memory_Page: Memory used to manage Memory Page 
• Storage_Memory_Recovery: Memory used for memory recovery 
• Storage_Memory_Utility: Memory used for Storage Manager Tool 
• Storage_Memory_Transaction: Memory used for transaction management 
• Temp_Memory: Memory used to store the Memory Index 
• Transaction_Table: Memory used to manage Transaction Table 
• Transaction_OID_List: Memory used for storing OID of Garbage Collection 
• Transaction_Table_Info: Memory used to manage Transaction Table information
ALLOC(M)The amount of memory the module is currently is using
MAX_TOTAL(M)The maximum amount of memory used by the module

Total Memory Usage of ALTIBASE

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