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Directory to develop an application with embedded-SQL

When you install ALTIBASE HDB, a directory structure for developer is created on your system for ALTIBASE HDB.

Directory Name



Apre (executable binary) converts source-code of embedded-SQL application to C/C++ source style.


Sample about GNU Makefile prefix-rule


Header files (User don't need to care about header-file using embedded-SQL.)


Library files for APRE*C/C++ and SQLCLI


Sample programs for APRE*C/C++

APRE Binary
It is located in $ALTIBASE_HOME/bin directory.

Use it as follows.

Shell> apre -mt -t cpp

  • Library files
    APRE needs two library files.
  • One is libapre.a and the other is libodbccli.a.
  • It is located in $ALTIBASE_HOME/lib directory.
    If you need shared-library, you can use and
  • Header files
    Header files are automatically written into source files by apre.
  • Apre needs a header-file, named "ulpLibInterface.h".

User checks files as follows to develop application using Embedded-SQL.

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