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APRE options

At first, We recommend you to read manuals for APRE (


Sample Makefile.

  • You can see a makefile in $ALTIBASE_HOME/sample/APRE directory.
  • You need to specify system-libraries which is defined at $ALTIBASE_HOME/install/ (For example, In Linux, "LIBS= -ldl -lpthread -lcrypt -lrt")

In Linux, Sample makefile


ALTIBASE HDB supports gnumake by default.


Errors during Compilation

  1. If you don't define directory of header-files for APRE.
  2. If you don't define directory of library-files for APRE.
  3. If you specify wrong compile-bit.
    Linker can not find a valid library because of wrong compile-bit.
    Check library-bit
  4. If you don't define system-library-files for APRE.
    This sample message can be occured in LINUX system. (This message can be varied by compiler) We need "-ldl -lpthread -lcrypt -lrt
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