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ALTIBASE Stored Procedure is a kind of block-structed language.

The body of one stored procedure typically comprises several logical blocks.

A stored procedure comprises a header and a body.

The body of a stored procedure is one large block that comprises a declare section, the actual body of the procedure, and an exception-handling section.

The main block can have multiple sub-blocks.

The following is an example ilustrating the structure of a stored procedure.

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Block2 is a sub-block of Block1 and can have a structure just like that of Block1, including a DECLARE section, body and an exception-handling section.

A control flow statement is also a block , in that it has an explicit beginning and ending. 

The overall structure of ALTIBASE Stored Procedure is very simiar to ORACLE PL/SQL, So we can  easily convert ORACLE PL/SQL to ALTIBASE Stored Procedure.

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