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Non-AutoCommit mode is set as default of Oracle Commit-Mode. 

Whereas in case of Altibase, AutoCommit mode is set as default.
Then, If you want to control a transaction, you have to change a commit-mode.


Commit-mode is defined in $ALTIBASE_HOME/conf/ (default: AUTO_COMMIT = 1)


Sample code


  • When a transaction is commited or rollbacked in ALTIBASE HDB, Already open cursor should be closed.
    (Currently, fetch across commit Functionality is not supported, It will be supported at Version 7)
  • APRE doesn't support a functionality of "WITH HOLD" of cursor.
  • APRE doesn't support a functionality of "CLOSE_ON_COMMIT" of pro*c option.
    • If you use "FOR UPDATE" clause, You cannot reference multiple tables.
    • "FOR UPDATE" clause acquires a exclusive row locks. Therefore, you have to use it in Non-AutoCommit mode.

How to change commit-mode

ALTIBASE HDB is basically running on AUTO-COMMIT mode.
If you want to change COMMIT-MODE, you can do as follows.

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