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This document provides a guide on how to create an Altibase database.


For errors and improvements related to this document, please contact the technical support portal or technical support center.


How to create a database


This section describes how to create a database of versions supported according to Altibase's End of Service (EOS) policy. As for this document, the latest Altibase version is 'Altibase ver. 7' and 'Altibase ver 6 or below' are for EOS. Altibase cannot be operated until the database is created, so the database must be created as follows before starting the Altibase.


Database character set

This means a character set stored in the database.


National character set

This means a Unicode-based character set stored in NVARCHAR and NVARCHAR2.

(UTF8, UTF16)

Considerations when creating a database


Things to be considered when creating a database are as follows.

Archive log mode


  • The archive log mode can be set at the control stage.
  • Therefore, in order to change from No Archive log mode to Archive log mode, the user must shut down Altibase and enter the control stage during the startup process.
  • In the archive log mode, the archive log file requires user management because Altibase only replicates the log file to the designated archive log file directory and does not delete it arbitrarily.
  • It is necessary to secure the archive log file directory space in consideration of the backup cycle and the number of log files created within that cycle.
Code Block
$ server stop 
$ isql -u sys -p manager -sysdba
iSQL(sysdba)> startup control;
iSQL(sysdba)> alter database archivelog;
Alter success.
iSQL(sysdba)> startup service;
Command executed successfully.
iSQL(sysdba)> exit



  • In the case of DB_NAME, it is determined when the database is created.
  • In order to change, the database must be recreated, so migration must be performed.
  • Therefore, be cautious when creating a database for the first time.

How to drop a database


The user can drop the database by deleting all Altiabse configuration files.

Check the files to be dropped


  • To check whether the database is dropped normally, check before dropping the data files and log files to be deleted.
Code Block
iSQL> select name, checkpoint_path from v$tablespaces a, v$mem_tablespace_checkpoint_paths b where = b.space_id; 
iSQL> select, from v$tablespaces a, v$datafiles b where = b.spaceid;
$ cat $ALTIBASE_HOME/conf/ | grep ^LOG | grep DIR

Dropping a database


  • After Altibase is shut down, the database is dropped in the process stage.