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User Settings

This section describes resource limits, environment variables, and various environment settings of user accounts in the system for operating Altibase in the HPUX operating system.

Refer to the guide provided by HP for specific commands and specifics related to configuration.

Resource Limitation

In the UNIX operating system, logical limits are set for available resources on a user account basis. Among the resource limit items, general the items that need to be expanded for stable service operation as follows.

ItemDescriptionRecommended Value
virtual memory (memory)The maximum size of available virtual memoryunlimited
open files (nofiles)The maximum number of files that can be accessed simultaneously by one process
max user processThe number of processes that can be created per userunlimited
max memory size (rss)The maximum size of available memoryunlimited
file size (fsize)The maximum size of files that can be createdunlimited
data seg size(data)The maximum size of one process data areaunlimited


Environment VariableDescription
ALTIBASE_HOMESpecifies the path where Altibase is installed.
PATHSpecifies the path where Altibase's utilities and shell scripts. Adds ALTIBASE_HOME/bin. This is the setting to execute binary and shell scripts in this path regardless of the path.
LD_LIBRARY_PATHSpecifies the path where Altibase's dynamic library. Adds ALTIBASE_HOME/lib. Configuration for using Altibase's dynamic library.

In addition, the following environment variables that exist only in HPUX must be added.