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Solaris Setup Guide for Altibase


This document provides guides for setting appropriate values of kernel parameters and various user environment settings for installing and operating Altibase in the Solaris Operating System. In this document, the guide is presented only for operating system related items to be set before Altibase is installed. For the Altibase property configuration file ( for Altibase self-configuration, refer to the separate document "Altibase Configuration File guide".

The test environment of this document is as follows:

  • ALTIBASE : Altibase 6 or later

  • OS : Sun OS 5.8 ~ 5.10

Kernel Parameters

This section describes the types of kernel parameters that need to be changed when operating Altibase on the Solaris OS, and explains why the settings need to be changed. The last part introduces how to change kernel parameters in Solaris.

Refer to the guide provided by Solaris for details regarding each kernel parameter.

Shared Memory

When developing an application, two or more processes need to exchange information. The operating system provides a resource called IPC (Inter Process Communication). Among various IPC resources, the memory area used by two or more processes to exchange information is called shared memory.


For example, a user may set a shared memory having one segment at 10 megabytes, or a 100 megabyte shared memory by configuring a 10 - megabyte area as 10 segments.