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ALTIBASE HDB server versions prior to cannot change the default path and do not provide a separate verification method.

  • The default setting of ALTIBASE HDB server version 4.3.9
    The location and name of the Unix domain socket file is $ALTIBASE_HOME/trc/alti-ipc.
  • The default setting of ALTIBASE HDB server version 4.3.9 or later and earlier than
    The location and name of the Unix domain socket file is $ALTIBASE_HOME/trc/cm-ipc.

How to change properties

  1. Changing file
    Change the required values among the properties described above in the $ALTIBASE_HOME/conf/ file and save the file.

    Code Block
    $ cd $ALTIBASE_HOME/conf
    $ vi
  2. Restarting ALTIBASE HDB
    Restart the Altibase server to reflect the changed property values to the Altibase server.

    Code Block
    $ server restart
  3. Checking properties
    Check that the values have been properly reflected.

    Code Block
    $ is
  4. Testing IPC connection
    Try to test the iSQL connection with the IPC type.

    Code Block
    $ export ISQL_CONNECTION=IPC                                                # Change the environment variable that sets the iSQL connection type.
    $ is
         Altibase Client Query utility.
         Release Version
         Copyright 2000, ALTIBASE Corporation or its subsidiaries.
         All Rights Reserved.
    ISQL_CONNECTION = IPC, SERVER = localhost, PORT_NO = 20300                  # IPC connection is successful only when ISQL_CONNECTION = IPC appears and the iSQL prompt appears.

OS Configurations


Shared memory and semaphore resources are used for IPC communication. Therefore, to use the IPC type, the related kernel parameters must be set.

Please refer to the documents below depending on the OS. There is no recommended configurations for AIX and Windows.

How the application communicates


Please refer to each manual for how to set the connection properties in the application program.

  • CLI/ODBC: Refer to 2. ALTIBASE HDB CLI function -> SQLDriverConnect function description in CLI User's Manual.
  • APRE (C/C++ Precompiler): From Precompiler User's Manual 6. Embedded SQL statement -> SQL statement related to connection -> CONNECT
  • JDBC: From the JDBC User's Manual 1. Getting Started with JDBC -> Connection Information