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What's Altibase Procedures



A stored procedures(PSM, Persistent Stored Modules) of ALTIBASE HDB might be divided into three as below.

  • Stored Procedure: With input, output and input/output parameters, A user can execute SQL statement with a predefined procedures inside a procedure by using it. It doesn't return a value and delivers a value to the client through output and input/output parameters.
  • Stored Function: Same as a procedure shown above, but it has one return value. Since it has return one value, it can be utilized as operand in an expression of SQL statement.
  • Typeset: It is a set of definition for user-defined types. In the main, it is chiefly used to exchange user-defined types with parameters or return value among stored procedures.

What's Stored Procedure

Stored procedure is very similar tool to the OracleORACLE's PL/SQL in concept. 

Stored Procedures are one procedure is one of database object comprising SQL statement, Control flow statement, exception handler, etc. 

Stored Procedures are created procedure is created in advance, compiled, and stored in database, ready for execution.

In that state, stored procedures Stored Procedure can be simultaneously accessed by multiple SQL statements.

The term “stored procedure” “Stored Procedure” is sometimes used to refer to the stored procedures and stored functions Stored Procedure and Stored Function collectively.

The stored procedures and stored functions Stored Procedure and Stored Function differ only in that stored functions return Stored Function returns a value to the calling application, whereas the stored procedures do Stored Procedure does not.

The Altibase The ALTIBASE Stored Procedure's overall syntax is very similar to the OracleORACLE's PL/SQL statement. 

Basic syntax of the procedures used in OracleORACLE's PL/SQL is almost same with  Altibase Stored Procedureswith  ALTIBASE Stored Procedure,

So you  can you can easily convert the Oracle Procedure to the Altibase Procedure  the ORACLE PL/SQL to the ALTIBASE Stored Procedure except for some function which is functions which are not supported in the Altibase the ALTIBASE HDB.

We call these Altibase ALTIBASE Stored Procedure to the Altibase PSM to the ALTIBASE PSM ( Persistent Stored Module Modules) with a different name.

Altibase Stored Procedures ALTIBASE Stored Procedure can be made with 'CREATE PROCEDURE' and 'CREATE FUNCTION' statement that has synax of Oracle ProcedureORACLE PL/SQL.

For further information about these statements, please refer to 'Altibase ALTIBASE Stored Procedure Manual'.(Altibase ALTIBASE Stored Procedure Manual)