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The query corresponding to each monitoring element to check transaction and lock information is as follows.

Transaction and Lock Information

  • Main Column Description


TX_IDTransaction ID
BLOCKED_TX_IDThe transaction ID that caused the wait to acquire the lock. Blank if none.
STATUSA number from 0 to 6 indicating the status of the transaction is displayed as a string. 
USER_NAMEThe name of the user executing the transaction, and is displayed as 'REPLICATION' in the case of a replication transaction.
SESSION_IDID of the session in which the transaction is being executed. In the case of a replication transaction, the replication object name is displayed.
CLIENT_IPThe IP address of the client application related to the session. In the case of a replication transaction, it is the IP of the remote server.
FIRST_UPDATE_TIMEThe time when the transaction first started changing operations. The transaction that only execute SELECT are 0.
LOCK_DESCIf the lock is set by the transaction, lock information is output. There are IX_LOCK, IS_LOCK, X_LOCK
TABLE_NAMEThe table to acquire the lock. This is displayed in the form of 'username.tablename'.
CURRENT_QUERYThe query last executed or currently being executed in a transaction. In the case of a replication transaction, it shows the IP address and transaction ID of the other server.
DDLWhether the transaction is DDL. / DDL (0) non-DDL (1)
LOGFILE#The redo log file number associated with the transaction. A transaction that only performs SELECT is '-'.
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