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This chapter describes how to set up Fail-Over and Load-Balancing in WebLogic or Altibase.

Setting in WebLogic

While creating multiple JDBC data sources, the user can set up either Fail-Over or Load-Balancing as an algorithm. For the setting method and details refer to the related document.


Proceed by sending the connection request to the first JDBC data source in the multiple JDBC data source list and, if the request fails, to the next JDBC data source. This process continues until a suitable connection is obtained or the end of the list is reached, and an exception is raised if the connection is not obtained until the end of the list.


This evenly distributes connection requests to data sources in multiple JDBC data source lists. This algorithm basically provides a Fail-Over algorithm.

Setting in ALTIBASE

For setting method and details, please refer to "Altibase Replication Manual" and "Altibase JDBC Manual".

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