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This document describes troubleshooting for each type of problem that may occur when users attempt to install ALTIBASE products.

Problems not listed in the document may occur and the type of occurrence may differ depending on the version of ALTIBASE.

For problems that are no described in this document, please send an email to with a description of the occurrence conditions and the ALTIBASE trace log files ('trc' directory under the ALTIBASE installation path).

  • Altibase version 5.5.1 or later

For errors and improvements related to this document, please contact the technical support portal or technical support center.


Troubleshooting in common environments

This section describes the list of types of problems that may occur during the installation with corrective solutions.

Unable to interpret Binary

  • The ALTIBASE package is compiled and distributed according to the supported CPU classification. 

  • This can occur if the user tries to download and install the ALTIBASe package that does not match the CPU of the device where the user wants to install
  • To check whether the installed executable file is normal, simply use the altibase -v command.
  • The error message in the example below is the most common error situation. In addition to this, other error messages such as library compatibility can be returned.
Example 1: When the CPU of the device and the ALTIBASe package do not match
  • Solution: Reinstall the pack for the CPU of the device.

Environment variable not registered


  • In order to connect ALTIBASE in sysdba mode, the path where ALTIBASe is installed must be registered in a variable named "ALTIBASE_HOME'.
  • If this variable is not registered, the following error occurs.
  • Solution: Register the ALTIBASE installation path with the value of the variable named 'ALTIBASE_HOME'.

Problem with user's file privileges

  • When installing and creating a database, it must be connected in the sysdba.
  • At this time access to sysdba mode is possible only with the user who installed ALTIBASE.
  • Solution: Try again as the user who installed ALTIBASE, or change the owner's privileges of all files under the ALTIABSE installation path to the current user.

Absence of file

  • This problem occurs when there is no altibase.properfies file in the 'conf' directory under the ALTIBASE installation path.
  • Solution: '' file for first-time users is provided in the 'conf' directory under the ALTIBASE installation path. Edit this file and the file to suit the environment.

Absence of license file


  • This problem occurs when proceeding without creating a license file in the 'conf' directory under the ALTIBASE installation path.
  • Solution: Based on the license issued from ALTIBASe, a license file should be created in the corresponding location.

License error

  • MAC ADDRESS may be changed for reasons such as changing the network card of the device. Or, the wrong license may been issued because the license issuance information was incorrectly sent to ALTIBASE.
  • Solution: If the hostid or Mac Address when the license is issued is different from the information of the target device, the license must be reissued.

Expired License error

This problem occurs when the issued license has expired.

Property value error

  • This problem occurs when the value specified in the file or the value specified with the environment variable in the 'conf' directory under the ALTIBASE installation path is incorrect.
When the currently set value is out of range
If the currently set value is impossible to convert the data type
When the same property is duplicated
  • Solution: Check the problem property and correct it to a normal value.

Writing file error

  • Writing file error can be caused by a number of problem factors
  • The disk may not have enough free space, or the directory may have missing privileges.
  • Solution: check the free space on the disk and the privileges of the directory.

Skipping the database creation procedure















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