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aexport is a utility that creates scripts that can download object creation scripts and data from the database as text files.

The database objects that aexport can extract are as follows:

  • Database user
  • User privilege
  • Tablespace
  • Table
  • Table constraint
  • Index
  • View
  • Materialized view (Provided starting from ALTIBASE HDB 6.3.1)
  • Stored procedure
  • Replication object

It is recommended that aexport be performed whenever there is a database object change.



iloader is a utility that allows you to download or upload database data in table units. The data is saved in a text file that can be viewed by the user.

This can be used for database migration or table-by-table backup purposes.

To back up table data using iloader, a form file and various options are required. If aexport is executed, the iloader execution command is created as a script.


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