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To upload a DOS format data file from Unix/Linux server to the iloader, you need to convert the file using an editing program or dos2unix.

If the iloader is executed without conversion, the following error may occur.

In DOS format files, Row Termination Code is composed of CR (Carriage Return) + LF (Line Feed).

When the iloader parses the data file, it recognizes %n(LF) as a row terminator. So when uploading a data file in DOS format, a parsing error might occur.


When opening a DOS format file with vi in Linux/Unix, ^M is attached to the line or looks like the following:

"SYS_T.dat" [DOS] 225L, 33822C


How to remove

On Windows

  • In Windows, it can be converted using an editing program.

  • Ex) In UltraEdit, select File -> Convert ->'DOS->UNIX' and save


On Linux/Unix

Convert to unix type file using dos2unix.

  • The dos2unix command converts DOS/MAC files to UNIX format.

    File type comparison before and after dos2unix execution

Remove ^M using sed

  • Use sed to remove ^M as an iloader data file.

  • ^M must be entered as Ctrl+v+m.


Starting from ALTIBASE HDB 5.5.1 ...

From ALTIBASE HDB 5.5.1, it is possible to upload without file conversion/modification by using %r%n, which means CR+LF as a record separator.




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