The query corresponding to each monitoring element to check the session status is as follows. To monitor only information about a specific session, add the 'id' column of v$session to the WHERE clause.

[SS01] Total Number of Sessions

[SS02] Session Information

Column NameDescriptionRemarks
CLIENT_IPThe ip address of the client application associated with the session 
CLIENT_PIDThe process ID of the client application related to the session can identify the related process in the OS in which the client application runs. 
CLIENT_APP_INFOThe name of the client application associated with the sessionColumn added starting from Altibase v5
SESSION_STATEAs a string representing the state of the session, there are 7 states: INIT, AUTH, SERVICE READY, SERVICE, END, ROLLBACK, and UNKNOWN 
IDLE_TIMEThe time at which the session started doing nothing, which is the basis for idle_timeout.  The unit is Unix time. 
CURRENT_QUERYThe query that was last performed or currently running in the session 

[SS03] Session Information Connected With SYSDBA Authority