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Preparation before executing aexport

Change the values of the following settings in the file.


ILOADER_FIELD_TERM stands for field separator, and ILOADER_ROW_TERM stands for record separator.

If the file has never been changed, these settings are commented out and the defaults are set as follows.

Default value of separator

If it is set as the default as above, it's a bit complicated, but change it as follows.

Change separator property setting value

The location of the file is $ALTIBASE_HOME/conf. If this file does not exist, copy and use the file.

When aexport is executed, the following scripts are created.

  • Database object creation script
  • Data download/upload script using iloader

The data download/upload script using iloader contains iloader commands. iloader can use several options, and the value used for the option depends on the above setting.

The above setting means field separator and row separator, respectively, and the default values are simply set. If this setting value is included in the character data type column, data may not be uploaded normally when uploading data.

Therefore, it is recommended to set this setting value rather complicated.

Executing aexport

Execute aexport after changing

When aexport is executed, .sh (.bat for Windows system) files and .sql files are created as follows. The .sql files contain the syntax for creating database objects and are scripts that execute .sh files to .sql files at once.

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